Welcome to Starsky's Pig Wing Challenge
Starsky's Bar and Grill 13th St Omaha NE
pig Wing
Pig Wings and corn nuggets.
Pig wing Challenge
pig Wings in Omaha
Corn Nuggets
5 pounds of pig wings
Corn nuggets 3 pounds
Eat the Pig Wing Challenge in 1 hour
100% Big pig wing challenge

Eat 5 pounds of Pig Wings and 3 pounds of Corn Nuggets in 1 hour. Winners receive a Starsky's T Shirt, and your  Picture on the Wall of Fame. 
AND your Pig Wing Dinner is free! Otherwise this Fantastic Feast is $49.00

Smoked Pork on a Mini Bone served up with melt-in-your-mouth Corn Nuggets. Come taste the meal everyone in Omaha is talking about!

Dig the Pig!

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Pig Wing Challenge Winner
Man V Food Nation at Starskys In Omaha Nebraska
Starskys Wall of Fame

Your Picture should be here! Are you up for the Famous Pig Wing Challenge? Come on down to Starsky's Bar and Grill and show us what you've got!

Adam of Man V Food Nation with Starskys team

Starsky's Bar and Grill Team with Adam of Man vs Food Nation. 13th St Starsky's, Omaha, Nebraska.

Wall of Fame or Shame


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